Uncategorized May 3, 2024

Contemplating a move and wondering if you should wait for mortgage rates to dip before taking action? Here’s some insight to help you navigate this decision.

In the real estate realm, mortgage rates and buyer demand often share a seesaw relationship. Typically, as rates climb, buyer interest tends to wane. This is because potential movers may hesitate to commit to higher mortgage rates for their next home, opting to postpone their plans instead.

However, when rates begin to decline, the landscape shifts. What was once tepid or sluggish demand can quickly transform into robust activity. Many of those who held off during rate hikes are now poised to reenter the market, igniting a surge in movement. This dynamic is illustrated in the graph below:

As Lisa Sturtevant, Chief Economist for Bright MLS, points out:

“The current higher rates are likely to dissuade more prospective buyers from entering the market, as they wait for rates to decrease.”

Why Waiting Might Not Be Ideal

If you’re pondering the implications for your own move, consider this crucial insight: experts anticipate that mortgage rates will indeed decrease this year, albeit slightly later than initially expected.

As rates edge down, a wave of buyers is poised to reenter the market, intensifying competition for available homes. This heightened demand could translate into more stress for you if you opt to delay your move, as increased competition often results in bidding wars and accelerated price growth.

However, if you’re prepared to sell now, seizing the moment could prove advantageous. Acting promptly could allow you to navigate the market before competition reaches its peak.

In Summary

When weighing whether to wait for lower rates before making your move, keep in mind the interplay between rates and buyer demand. As rates decline, competition is likely to intensify even further. If you’re eager to stay ahead of the curve and sell now, let’s discuss your options.

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